Samridhhi Sondhi, a boundary-pushing Brand Designer and Visual Communicator from India, leaving an indelible mark worldwide.

Her fearless, no-holds-barred approach infuses bold identities with innovative tech and a touch of fashion. Samridhhi crafts immersive experiences through motion design, AI, and captivating visuals.

Her work, heavily influenced by culture, is a timeless blend of texture, materials, and color.  As a medium-agnostic storyteller, she envisions brand narratives that transcend norms. Samridhhi crafts dynamic, culturally resonant tales that redefine brand engagement transforming concepts into compelling realities. 

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Skills and Expertise

Art Direction
Brand Design & Strategy
Motion Design & Compositing
3D Production and Design
UI/UX Design
Photography & Styling
Sound Design
Team Management &
A sense of Humour 

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