Year2023 - Present

UI/UX, AR, Branding, 2D Motion
Death memory Architecture, AR Interfaces, Blockchain
Spark & Mint, Canada

Strategy: Samridhhi Sondhi, Teija Bean, Jason Goodman
Design: Samridhhi Sondhi, Hriday Bhatia 
Cumulus empathetically guides you through the journey of remembrance and legacy, creating an enduring space where the celebration of life is infinite. There exist two planes of Cumulus- Product and brand. We were tasked with the creation of the brand strategy and micro branding to help solve the current issue of onboarding customers to the brand and therefore converting them to users of the product. 
This is a two step challenge where we attempt to solve the narrative of the brand first and then help craft the user experienced and interface of the product to align with the updated brand identity. 
We asked ourselves what our memories mean to us, how can we visually envision those memories while constantly questioning: How can we use positive storytelling to convey the concept of memorials without using the anchor of death/loss as the basis? 

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