Year2023 - Present

UI/UX, Branding, Motion Design
Education, Blockchain, DAOs
Spark & Mint, Canada

Creative Director: Samridhhi Sondhi
Content and Strategy: Alex Kowalchz, Jason Goodman, Samridhhi Sondhi
Motion: Samridhhi Sondhi
Illustrations: Hriday Bhatia, Samridhhi Sondhi
Breaking norms in the web3 industry, Ed3 Dao pioneers as the first DAO for educators, by educators, on a mission to usher in 1 Million educators into web3 practices. The identity, nuanced, bold, and playful, defies the industry's neon and dark mode trends. Successfully attracting 20% more educators to their virtual metaverse conference, the brand doubles event capacity, carving a distinct path in the industry. ED3 DAO challenges the status quo and shapes the narrative for educators entering the web3 realm.

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