Hadesso: The Rising

Brand Design, Storyboarding​ (2D & 3D), 3D Animation Compositing & Direction, UI/UX (Game), Team and Project Management

CategoryMini-games, Web3, Blockchain
Serenity games, London

Head of Design: Samridhhi Sondhi; VFX & 2D Animation: Jaidevh Kabo; 3D Animation: John Lyndon Claro; Technical Artist: Migueline Montreal; 3D Artist: Hadrien Goudard, Sina Raizada; Storyboarding: Samridhhi Sondhi​​ 
Sound design: Samridhhi Sondhi
"Hadesso: The Rising" is a Mini-game that empowers players to truly own and trade in-game assets using blockchain-based NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Unlock rare and unique items, forge alliances with fellow survivors, and trade your hard-earned rewards in a decentralized marketplace, where your achievements hold real-world value. 
This blockchain-powered zombie wave fight game strikes a balance between horror and accessibility with its gory theme presented in a digestible terminal serif font. The creative direction seamlessly integrates elements from the logo into icons, establishing a cohesive visual identity, while the color palette, inspired by the ominous in-game environment, sets a distinct brand direction. The game interface harmoniously blends modernism with traditional zombie aesthetics, offering a sleek yet gritty design that immerses players in the haunting atmosphere of survival.

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