Year2021 - 2023

Brand Design, Storytelling for Game Narrative, Storyboarding (2D & 3D), 2D Animation, 3D Animation Compositing & Direction, UI/UX (Web and Game), Sound Design, Character Clothing Concepts, Team and Project Management
Blockchain, Gaming, NFTs
Serenity Games, London

Head of Design: Samridhhi Sondhi
VFX & 2D Animation: Jaidevh Kabo
3D Animation: John Lyndon Claro, Andrea Romani, Keval N., Ahmad A. 
Technical Artist: Migueline Montreal,
3D Artist: Hadrien Goudard, Sina R
Storyboarding: Samridhhi Sondhi 
Smashverse emerges as the inaugural Web-3 Battle Royale game, transcending traditional gaming boundaries by introducing an immersive play-to-earn mechanic. Boasting 14+ distinct fighting styles and an epic narrative weaving through 7500 unique in-game characters, it carves a niche in the metaverse with unparalleled storytelling. The brand identity mirrors the game's dynamism – bold, with static graphics that pulsate with motion. Designed to be morphable and multi-contextual, it sets the stage for sub-brands, drawing inspiration from various eras and character styles. The successful beta tests, the creation of 7500 unique NFTs, and a sold-out collection validate its impact, while securing two rounds of funding marks a promising future.

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