UI/UX, AR, Branding, 2D Motion
Formula1, AR Experience, Digital Memorabilia
Science Magic Studios, London

Creative Director: Sam Richardson
Project Manager: Warren Lewis, Tareq N 
TRACE, a revolutionary sports memorabilia platform, introduces Traces – art meticulously crafted from race data, capturing the essence of each event. Designed for fans by a dedicated team, Traces go beyond traditional mementos, providing dynamic narratives with every race.'s strategy for sustained impact centers on three pillars: Augmented Reality (AR) Experience, Visual Aesthetics, and Strategic Partnerships. Embracing AR, the platform enables fans to seamlessly integrate digital artifacts into their real-world experiences, adding an immersive layer to the memorabilia. Balancing visual appeal with data simplicity, traces are designed to stand out while maintaining a clean presentation of race data.
In its first two weeks, experienced impressive growth, attracting over 5,000 users, and 10,000 in the next two; who swiftly claimed traces. Notably, Trace.Fan earned recognition and partnership requests from distinguished entities like the F1 Academy and BoxClub App, underscoring its industry standing.

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