Year2021 - 2022
UI/UX, Branding, 2D Motion & Interaction Design
Blockchain, AI/ML, Event Design
Serenity Games, London

Creative Director, Design & Motion: Samridhhi Sondhi
Project Manager: River Tamoor Baig
Strategy and Content: River Tamoor Baig, Samridhhi Sondhi, Nick T. 
Vortex stands as the ultimate convergence point for the Blockchain, AI, and ML industries. A mecca of ideas and innovation, it transcends traditional tech conferences by connecting like-minded visionaries shaping the future. The brand identity, inspired by data circles and graphs, symbolizes the convergence of three distinct realms. The vortex logo signifies expansion and portals, utilizing micro circles to form a macro shape – a visual representation of the dynamic activity within the technological space. The identity's hero, the circle, generates diverse patterns, symbolizing the rich tapestry of technological expansion. Vortex, through its unique branding and vision, solidifies its position as a leading force in shaping the discourse on the future of technology.

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